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Day One – May 4th


8 ~ 8:45
Registration & Breakfast Networking

8:45 ~ 9
Welcome Sydney Armani. CF USA

9 ~ 9:20
“Building the Crowd and the Future of Investment Product Distribution”
Dara Albright, “MC”, Fintech Revolution TV

9:20 ~ 9:45
“Where the Exit?” The increasing the demand for secondary Liquidity.
Vincent Molinari, CEO: Ouisa Capital,LLC

9:45 ~ 10
Spotlight on Fintech
Brian Korn, Manatt

10 ~ 10;15
REG A+ Workshop
Mark Roderick

10:15 ~ 10:30
The JOBS Act – Legislative History and Future Opportunities.
Dina Ellis, Rochkind

10:35 ~ 10:45
Joan Dromey, Computer Share

10:45 ~ 11:30
Crowdfunding laws Panel:
Moderator, Jonathan FrutkinSara Hanks,
Brian Korn, Mark RoderickWilliam Eilers

11:35 ~ 12;30
Real Estate Panel:
Dara Albright,
Brian Dally,
Jorge P. Newbery,
Allen Shayanfekr


12:30 ~ 1:30
Networking Lunch


1:35 ~ 2
The Main Event, Afternoon Keynote
The Recognition of Industry Visionaries.
We honor leaders who have pioneered
Steve Cinelli, with DJ Paul

2 ~ 2:35
The Future of Crowdfunding,
Rebecca A. Fannin, Sheryl Hunter,
Blaine McLaughlin, Craig Denlinger

2:40 ~ 3
Michael Homeier

3 ~ 3;15
Brian Dally

3;15 ~ 3:30
Jorge P. Newbery

3;30 ~ 3;45
Allen Shayanfekr

3;45 ~ 4
Craig Denlinger, Crowdfunding CPA

4 ~ 4:35
Panel: Discussion with Gene Massey,
Joan Dromey, Michael Homeier

4:40 ~ 5:15
Q & A Discussion

5:30 ~ 6:30
Q & A – After Hours Networking

Day Two – May 5th

9 ~ 11:30
Open Round-table Discussion, Q&A

4th Annual Crowdfunding USA Conference at The National Press Club


SEC – FINRA – JOBS ACT – Early Investing
Family Offices – IRA Trust
Rules and Regulations Consideration
Rule 506(c) – Title II Tittle III REG D REG CF
Definition of accredited investor?
Liquidity for the private securities space
Redefining Securities Distribution through Crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Why Hot Real Estate CrowdFunding Is The Next  New Frontier?
Impact of crowdfunding on real estate finance and deal-making
Is Real Estate Crowdfunding Offers An Attractive Alternative For Secure Investments?
The Impact of Technology and Internet on Real Estate Crowdfunding

Trump to Lift Community Bank Regulations (and what that means for house flippers)

Shadow Banking
Dodd-Frank: A Republican Congress
will likely be looking for ways to scale back time and money on business regulation.
Real Estate Crowdfunding and Community Development

Pros & Cons of Internet finance and lending 

2017 State of CrowdFunding

Business of Crowdfunding & Reaching the Goal – How to Make It Happen

Multiple Faces of Crowdfunding on Equity

Future of EB-5 Business Finance & Crowdfunding
Disruption of Equity Crowdfunding on VC’s – Angel Investors
Is Online Lending & Fintech industry here to stay?

Exploring Title II
Why it dominates and will continue to dominate crowdfunding
What initiatives are being pursued to create secondary markets or other means
Effect of IPO window

Regulation A+ Mini IPO
Many of the Reg A deals got pulled this last year.
Is this offering type holding up to investor interest.
Need research on Reg CF, Reg A+ and other offerings.
How much was raised, and how have they performed.
Aftermarket performance of Reg A+ deals

Round table discussion

After hours Networking